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Ave Roma (retail version) - €45

Rome is flourishing. Many in the empire are competing for power. There is much to do, before you can benefit from its wealth. In your quest, you may increase your income, raise buildings, support wars. If help is needed, you may solicit patrons. You can increase your influence within the empire, while you must hold your ground on the political stage and in the eye of the common folk. Much to do, and time is running out!

During this game, you are competing for wealth in ancient Rome. The game lasts for several rounds. Each round consists of three phases. In the first phase, you can send workers to various action locations, so their efforts can increase your supplies and your influence. These workers are not yours to keep, however. In the second phase, you recruit a new set of workers. In the third phase, the strength of these new workers is assessed, and playing order is established for the next round. The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game.

Robo Race - €23

In the not too far distant future robots become very abundant. Not just in households, factories, arts, but even in sports, robots compete instead of humans. One genius inventor created the last (and therefore most exciting) race in the modern world, where people control the robots. The robots are not controlled by remote controls though, but instead by the human mind itself. The scientists compete using their hand-built robots on long forgotten, but rebuilt racing tracks in a mind-blowing race full of excitement. The racer, whose robot crosses the finish line first will become the most celebrated sportsman on Earth.

The players compete for glory as scientists, trying to get their robots to place first in the race. Everyone can try to manipulate the robots with various actions influencing their speed. The scientist to best manage his/her brain neurons as well as the robot actions will be the favourite to win. Keep watching the others though, this will be cutthroat!